Little brother tries to pacify crying baby sister by breastfeeding her

New York, USA  –  Vanessa Thompson, mother of five, caught the heartwarming  and adorable moment her little boy tried to calm down his seven-week-old sister.

She explained that her little boy had seen her breastfeed the baby and had been trying to mimic her actions to calm her down.

She said: “My husband Vance and I have four boys who I nursed and finally just had our girl seven weeks ago which I am currently nursing.”

Thompson posted the video in her personal Facebook account last April 10 and it has gotten viral since. While many were finding the shared vid so cute and heartwarming, there were those who found it offensive and said it should not have been shared. But overall, the clip speaks volumes about sibling love and wanting to be of help. Won’t you agree?

Image capture of video by Vanessa Thompson via Facebook