Can you guess the product? Watch the viral ‘unpredictable’ ad that is rocking the Internet now!

An “unpredictable” advertisement is now making the rounds online after social media users found it hard to guess the product being promoted in the commercial.

It all started when Facebook page AsianCrush shared the video of an advertisement; telling the public that they won’t be able to guess the product being advertised. The video was posted with a warning: “You’ll never guess what they’re selling.”

The challenged social media users immediately watched the video to test their ability.

In less than 24 hours, the video immediately got more than nine million views, more than 188,000 reactions, and over 155,000 shares!

Also, in less than a day, the post got some 34,000 comments. A lot of Facebook users said in the comments section that they were not able to guess the product being sold in the “unpredictable” advertisement.

The advertisement started by showing two women who are dreaming to be as beautiful as the cover girl of a magazine in order to be noticed by their crush in the office.

Want to take the challenge? Watch the video:

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