Amazing willpower! Cancer-stricken student fights hard, graduates with honors

Social media platforms have been helpful in delivering raw inspirational news to people which are greatly seen to have made a significant growth change in attitude that have incredibly impacted the way they perceive life in a positive way; as read and seen in most of the comments of netizens on Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

Another story that will leave you emotional and will surely give you more reasons to live and strive harder in life has been shared by a netizen named Christianne Castilejos Suguitan on her Facebook post on April 4, 2017 about an honor student with cancer who managed to graduate with honors despite the hardships he is going through because of his grave illness.

In her post, she narrated how parents, teachers, co-students stood up to applaud the boy with a beanie as he marched his way up the stage; standing on one leg with arms holding on to his crutches.

Cheers from the crowd became louder than expected, with some students and parents on their feet. I stood up, too, with…

Posted by Christianne Castillejos Suguitan on Monday, April 3, 2017

Everyone was so proud of this guy! Saguitan looked him up in the program and learned that the boy’s name is Elias Jethro Tangalin, an honor student in the Information and Communications Technology strand.

Image by Christianne Castillejos Suguitan

Saguitan went up to Jethro, shook his hand and congratulated him, “I am so proud of you even if I am not your mom. You keep it up!” she said; tapping her hand on his back. Jethro in return thanked her and smiled.

She later learned from her son Aidan that Jethro was a cancer patient who only have around five more years to live according to his doctor. He was told the same thing five years ago and miraculously survived the plight. He, however, lost his hair because of chemotherapy and got his one leg amputated.

Receiving honors may just be a normal thing to many students during graduation, but for Jethro, it was extra special. Despite his condition, given only a certain period to live, he did not lose interest to still get on with life. He still fought hard to graduate!

I cannot fight. I cannot think. But, with patience, I will make my way through. – A sign from the game Undertale

Posted by Jethro Tangalin on Sunday, September 18, 2016