CHED to prioritize poor, smart students for the ‘free tuition’ in SUCS

A recent joint memorandum delineating the process on how the grant of the free tuition in 114 state universities and colleges (SUCS) will be actualized for the next academic year was issued by The Commission on Higher Education and the Department of Budget Management.

As per the free college education policy, college students who are considered poor but ‘scholastically capable’ are those who can enjoy the tuition-free schooling this year; more so if they are under the Student Financial Assistance Programs (Stufaps) and those who belong to households included in the conditional cash transfer program.

The two organizations said the guidelines aimed to guarantee legitimate and proper implementation of the P8 billion special apportionment subject to the contingent execution that President Duterte has requested, as stated in the April 20 update.

Furthermore, while the strategy intends to cover all Filipino college students enrolling in SUCs for school year 2017-2018, they will still be under the prioritization order of the President. It will also depend on the accessibility and availability of the spending plan in the Higher Education Support Fund, as per guidelines.

It likewise said that the ‘academically able’ students who pass the scholarly and retention standards of the SUCs would only be considered for the educational cost free schooling for 2017, wherein Stufaps beneficiaries who are nationally subsidized are ought to be given priority on enrollment.

Their educational tuition fee will be charged to the applicable allocation of the Stufaps given that it is more than P15, 000 worth of their total yearly benefit amount.

It is also said that a sum equivalent or lower than P15, 000 should be charged to the “free educational cost” provision of the SUC and the recipients will keep on receiving their regular Stufap on top of the educational cost sponsorship.

Meanwhile, regardless of the graduating students’ household per capita income who have a remaining one semester and one academic year will also be included in the ‘free tuition’ slots.

While those undergraduates who belong to households who either were former or present beneficiaries of the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program and the Listahanan 2.0 program, and non-graduating students will be ranked based on their household per capita income.


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