College Sweethearts: Girlfriend’s Loving Message to Her Boyfriend Trends on Facebook

Who says love can interfere studying? While a lot of parents prevent their kids from getting involved in a relationship until they finish their education, some believe that falling in love is part of the process of one’s growth. Thus, it is inevitable. However, it shouldn’t serve as a distraction, but rather, more of an inspiration to do better, excel and succeed in life. That is how these college sweethearts inspire a lot of youngsters out there — that one can finish college while maintaining a sweet and healthy romantic relationship.

Meet Sharmaine Anne Agbuya, who recently became the talk of the town on Facebook, after she chose to publish her rather unique graduation photo on Facebook. She used it as her profile picture, along with the narrative below, “Nilamon ng Pag-ibig,” [Enamored by Love].

In the narrative, she talked about how they met and how they spent their college years together. She also shared how happy she is with her relationship, and with the support of their parents and family as well.

Agbuya graduated BS Psychology at the Universidad de Manila last April 11th while her boyfriend, Mark Aldwin Buena, will graduate next month majoring in Business Administration in Enterpreneurship.

Indeed, having #RelationshipGoals is a big plus!