Couple, photographer risk their lives climbing two mountains in freezing temperature to capture perfect wedding photos!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Extremely Romantic?

A newlywed couple were not worried about safety and even dared to risk their lives to immortalize their wedding photos atop two mountains in two different countries.

As per a Daily Mail story, couple Wayne and Amanda contacted Malaysian Photographer Keow Wee Loong, to become their official photographer for the project. The locations of the project were Mount Rinkani, a 3,726m active volcano in Indonesia, and Mount Kinabalu, a 4,095m peak in Malaysia.

“I received a call from a Taiwanese couple who proposed the idea of extreme shooting in Indonesia and Sabah,” said Keow.

The photographer said that to his knowledge this is the most extreme wedding shoot ever performed by a photographer.

He added: ‘Nobody had done a wedding shoot this extreme on top of a mountain summit after a three-day, two-night climb only to then wear a wedding dress to capture such a beautiful photo.

‘There was nothing casual about this and I loved the risk factor.’

As well as braving the extreme heights and adverse weather conditions, the trio also had the added burden of carrying all of the equipment; not to mention waiting for the perfect moment to snap the photo.

“In the process of shooting we then have to pay attention to the weather, including fog. When the fog went away we immediately took pictures to make the landscape look beautiful,” he added.

Early this April, his FB post said: ” Was doing a back to back climb from Rinjani(Indonesia) to mount Kinabalu(Sabah) 7 days climb non stop, this journey started when I received a call one night from a guy in Taiwan and said he saw one of my proposal photo in Taiwan news portal and he came up with this crazy idea to do a shoot in the mountain..yes me being me I said challenge accepted.”

He took the challenge, and indeed, he nailed it.


Indeed, love conquers all! And that includes climbing mountains too!