Cry for help: Broke Cebuano construction workers who were not rightly paid in Manila just want to go home, TV 5 takes action

In Cebu, they were promised free travel fare, free food, and 450 pesos per day salary.

However, they were charged the travel fee when they arrived; leaving them penniless as they had no choice, but they took the job anyway. Worse, they have not been given the money they worked hard for.

Their job was already finished so they just wanted to go home, but their employer, BUSSBARR Corporation, just kept on promising them the money, and said there were upcoming projects for them.

Having no cash at hand and without proper shelter, they desperately called for help from the “Sumbungan ng Bayan” Itimbre mo kay Tulfo.

Image capture of video via Facebook Raffy Tulfo in Action

Luckily, their plead reached TV 5 and they were invited to a live telecast of Aksyon sa Tanghali.

They were interviewed by host Raffy Tulfo wherein during the show, Tulfo talked to Cherry Vargas, admin. staff of BUSSBARR Corporation. He made sure that immediate actions will be done; promising the construction workers they have an ally to put an end to their problem.

Hearing those words from the reputable tv personality, the macho men of the construction sector burst into tears. They were also given advice and assistance.

When asked if they  have already eaten, they said their last full meal was the night before. The host immediately handed them cash for a full meal. As seen on the video. the workers’ faces lighted up with the turn of events.

They were then invited for a follow-up report on Tulfo’s radio program Radyo Singco 92.3 News FM. On the show, the host talked to Shiela Domingo, Payroll Officer/Representative of the company via phone call.

Domingo claimed their corporation was currently facing a minor problem with regards to funding. She also declared that they have never stopped finding a way to settle the issue.

Mr. Tulfo said the situation was very common; pointing out that victims end up pawning their valuables, engagement rings, and other stuff most of the time. He then told the representative on the phone: “since BUSSBARR is a big company, being a corporation, you tell your bosses to pawn their undergarments to resolve the matter.”

The phone interview ended up well in favor of the workers as they were promised to receive their deserved money the next day.

Because they had nowhere to spend the night, Tulfo’s team treated them for some cash and hotel rooms– which the workers obviously enjoyed.

With full stomachs and soft warm matresses, they remembered again how it is to have fun as their simple dream of getting their salary and home is within reach. Image capture of video via Facebook Raffy Tulfo in Action

First thing the following morning, representatives of the BUSSBARR Corporation went to TV 5’s  compound to hand them their deserved salaries. All is well with both parties as they shook hands.

The construction workers were again treated to a festive lunch before they were escorted by TV 5 to the airport.

Image capture of video via Facebook Raffy Tulfo in Action

Giving their many thanks and big smiles, they waved their salutes and goodbyes to the camera, so excited to see their families back home.

Watch the video:

Pitong kaawa-awang construction workers nagpapasaklolo para makauwi na ng Cebu.Matapos ang lungkot, lumundag-lundag sila sa saya dahil sa isang FIRST TIME EXPERIENCE na ipinaranas ni Raffy Tulfo sa kanila!

Posted by Raffy Tulfo on Thursday, April 27, 2017