De Lima’s message to Alvarez: I pray for the Speaker’s peace of mind

  • Senator Leila De Lima has a message for Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez
  • She said she refused to comment on the Speaker’s predicament despite a request from the media to make a statement
  • De Lima said she will pray for Alvarez’s peace of mind

MANILA, Philippines – For someone who has been ridiculed and accused of being an ‘immoral’ woman because of her alleged relationship with several men, Senator Leila De Lima could only sympathize with Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez’s predicament.

Alvarez has been criticized after admitting to having a girlfriend despite being still legally married to his wife. His extramarital affair was brought to light following his public spat with erstwhile buddy and fellow congressman Antonio ‘Tonyboy’ Floirendo.

But De Lima, whom Alvarez earlier lambasted for her relationship with former driver-bodyguard, Ronnie Dayan, said she declined to make any statement despite prodding from some media guys to comment on the ‘mess’ Alvarez’s is in.

Image from De Lima’s Facebook page

“I courteously decline. I don’t feel right rubbing it in even as I note that many people, especially netizens, have been boisterously expressing their thoughts on this scandal. I also note there is righteous indignation,” said a statement in the handwritten note shared on De Lima’s Facebook account.

However, she urged Alvarez to stop judging her on her ‘true character’ since he doesn’t know her.

“Just ask please people who do. So please desist from perpetuating the lies about my alleged drug links. The people who truly know me will tell you it’s an absolute nonsense ” she said.

Nevertheless, De Lima wishes for Alvarez to have peace of mind.

“I pray for the Speaker’s peace of mind,” the senator said.