DENR Secretary Gina Lopez apologizes to BusinessWorld reporter she cursed

  • DENR Sec. Gina Lopez has apologized to the reporter she cursed
  • Lopez had called the reporter “just a f***ing employee
  • The reporter was asking about a mining issue when the secretary lost her composure

Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Gina Lopez apologized deeply to a reporter of BusinessWorld she called “just a f****ing employee.”

The profanity-laced remark to the reporter, Janina Lim, was made when she asked Secretary Lopez about her directive to mining companies to put up trust fund for farmers disadvantaged by mining. The secretary supposedly lost her composure while defending the directive, according to BusinessWorld.

Several journalist groups have asked Secretary Lopez to apologize to the reporter.

Here is the full text of Secretary Lopez’s apology:

“I do understand and can feel the angst my repartee has had on many. Janina Lim has been on my beat since the start for several months. No matter what I say, no matter the situation, the questioning is decidedly technical even if the situation merits some kind of compassion.

I do acknowledge that in my effort to impart my perspective, I was inordinately judgmental. Everyone has the right to be what they are. I have no right to put them down for whatever. So to Janina and to everyone, this might have hurt…I apologize deeply.

It has to be made clear that my repartee with her in no way is a judgement on BusinessWorld or the media or journalists. Or in any line of inquiry.

“I am in favor of questioning.  It is healthy.  That is how we move forward.  It is when questioning comes from an already closed mind that is counter-productive.

There are so many journalists and economists with deep intuitive minds, objectivity with integrity, compassion with vision – that kind of standard will bring the country forward.

“I have much sincere affection and respect for economists, journalists and the press. And I urge you to keep the light shining brightly for our country.

I continue to hold everyone in high regard.”