Duterte declares April 27 as Lapu-Lapu Day

Manila, Philippines – The Office of the President declared April 27 as Lapu-Lapu day in honor of the first Filipino hero.

Proclamation No. 200 honoring the legendary Mactan ruler was signed by the President last Wednesday but released only late Thursday afternoon by the Palace.

“On April 27, 1521, the Battle of Mactan was fought and won by Lapu-Lapu and his men to repulse the Spanish invaders,” the proclamation read. “It is but fitting and proper that Lapu-Lapu be given the highest honor and that his legacy be remembered by all Filipinos through appropriate ceremonies,” it added.

The proclamation noted further that Lapu-Lapu is among the first of the Filipino forefathers who fought against foreign invasion.

It could be remembered that the President has often taken pride of Lapu-Lapu in his public speeches, saying he should be given the proper tribute he rightfully deserves because he was the first filipino who stood up against Spanish colonizers.

Image by Lapu-Lapu via Facebook