Erich Gonzales claims she did not undergo a nose job in response to an accusing netizen

TV actress personality Erich Gonzales, who has spotted an insensitive remark pertaining to her allegedly getting a nose done, responded in a polite and composed manner saying she hasn’t undergone any plastic surgery.

With netizens getting so amused over the most recent social media fever called #pubertychallenge where “then” and “now” photographs are sewed together to analyze the subject’s physical advancement as the years progressed, famous people are likewise enticed to post their entries.

Erich Gonzales was among the famous celebrities who has gotten hooked in the latest craze of having to post a before and after picture of her.

With what seemed to be a Gonzales’ Instagram fan page account @soliderichglobal, it posted a photo of the actress’ before and after look with the caption: #PubertyChallenge ? (or should I say, hello bangsie challenge?) I can stare at this until midnight!  #ErichGonzales

The actress earned praises and admiration from netizens except from one IG user, @beuksunga who made a comment of her having a nose job. It reads: “Wow nice.. di ko nahalata na retoke ang nose niya.. Mas mainam talaga ang magpa bawas kesa sa magpa bridge. Mas natural looking kase.”

Upon noticing the remark, the on-screen actress responded gleefully, “@beuksunga wala po akong retoke:) hehe ingat po kayo. Have a nice day :)”

See the full post below:

#PubertyChallenge ? (or should I say, hello bangsie challenge?) ?I can stare at this until midnight! ??? #ErichGonzales

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