Filipina maid injured over brawl with employer’s visitor

A Filipina maid in Hong Kong suffered injuries to her feet following a flared up argument with her employer’s female visitor on Monday night when she purportedly refused to open the security gate of their apartment for her, Asia Times reported.

According to Oriental Daily as cited by Asia Times, it was at 10:00 p.m Monday when the woman visitor, 26, resident of Hubei province, arrived at the Ho Man Tin Apartment in Oriental Gardens on Prince Edward Road, Kowloon; asking for financial assistance from the maid’s married employer.

She brought with her a 4-year-old boy whom she said was their child along with the boy’s birth certificate registered in Hong Kong to justify her claim.

The maid, together with her employer’s 15-year-old daughter, stopped and denied her entrance, which then prompted the visitor to take out a length of plastic pipe which she struck out against the security gate, as per Asia Times report.

As the brawl heat up, the maid was hurt receiving a minor injury to her feet during the process. She was later rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The police arrested the mainland woman for hitting the maid and the employer’s daughter for suspicion of criminal damage brought about by tearing up the child’s birth certificate.

The alleged father of the boy was not home when the strife happened. He settled to pay the woman HK$2 million (US$255,000) to put an end to their relationship, media reports say.