Filipino Dota Players steal the show at Kiev Major Event

Kiev, Ukraine – eSports or Competitive gaming is the fastest growing spectator sport in the world. In competitive gaming professional players take on each other in a wide variety of different games and the matches are then streamed live for the world to behold. This amazing growth has partly been due to the massively popular Dota or Defense of the Ancients.

Dota 2 have the highest Prize pool in eSports history with $20,770,640.00 when they had The International 2016, like the Olympics of Dota 2.

Last Monday, Valve, developer of Dota 2, started a week long major event called the Kiev Majors with a prize pool of $3,000,000.00. Teams from all over the world gathered in Kiev and played competitive Dota 2 LAN.

After the first day, an all-filipino lineup called TNC Pro team who made a name for itself at last year’s International have taken down North American Titan Evil Geniuses 2-0 and Thunderbirds at 2-1 group stage.

Team coach Muriel “Kipspul” Huisman told Compete she expected to defeat Evil Genuises:

“We knew we could take EG—I personally expected to win game 1 and then get pressured out during the rest of the series, but instead we managed to keep the momentum going,” said Huisman.

In their match with Thunderbirds, Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto, a 17-year-old carry player for TNC, set the all-time record for kills in a single game at a Valve event, with 33 on his hero called Spectre.

After having a record of 2-0, the team is positioned in the winner’s side of the group stage and one win away from being a top seed in the main stage of the tournament.

Whatever results may occur in the coming days, Kiev Major is having a positive impact on TNC Pro Team as they look to solidify their spot as the best team out of Southeast Asia Server and make the case for a direct invite to the coming The International 2017.

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