Filipinos less satisfied with Duterte’s drug war – SWS

  • The satisfaction rating of Duterte’s drug war slid by 11 points
  • From +77 in December, it declined to +66 in March
  • But there are still some 78% of Filipinos who said they are satisfied with the drug war

President Rodrigo Duterte’s war against drugs is getting less popular and satisfying for Filipinos, a survey by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) revealed.

In its recent survey conducted from March 25 to 28, the polling firm found out that the drug war has a net satisfaction rating of +66 – 11 points down from December’s +77. The SWS said the satisfaction of Filipinos went down from “excellent” to “very good”.

Despite the slide in the numbers, the infamous campaign still got a high satisfaction rate of 78% from the respondents. But this is offset by the 12% who said they were unsatisfied.

Meanwhile, 73% of the respondents said that they are worried they will be the next victim of extrajudicial killings. It is significantly similar to the December survey’s 78% record.

Around 92% of the respondents said police should be able to capture drug suspects alive – very close to the results of the last survey, which was at 94%.

The anti-narcotics campaign has been the most controversial aspect of Duterte’s administration with thousands of recorded deaths during the span of time it was conducted.

Eliminating drugs is the top campaign promise of Duterte.

Despite the slide int he satisfaction ratings, Malacañang highlighted the majority that is still satisfied with the drug war.

“Seventy-eight percent, a great majority of Filipinos, expressed satisfaction in the government’s performance, notwithstanding the negative criticisms we received here and abroad,” ABS-CBN quoted Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella.

“The drive will be relentless until the drug apparatus is rendered inutile; after all, what is at stake is the national patrimony, the following generations of Filipinos, who will not only continue our dreams, be our God given social safety net, but also preserve our cultures, our gift to the world,” he added.

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