For real? Cebu local claims images of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary, St. Veronica statue shed “tears of blood”

  • Famous choreographer and art collector claimed religious relics wept tears of blood
  • He said this could be a message urging people to reflect on Holy Week
  • Photos of relics shared on social media

CEBU, Philippines – A local of Carcar City in southern Cebu has claimed that images of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary along with a statue of St. Veronica that has been in their family for more than a hundred years shed “tears of blood” on Maundy Thursday noontime.

Val Sandiego, a famous choreographer and art collector, said he and his family were on the road when their maid called to inform about the reddish substance dripping from their statue’s eyes.

We were more than halfway when our maid called, telling us nga naghilak og dugo,” he told Sun Star.

[We were more than halfway when our maid called, telling us it was crying tears of blood.]

Sandiego, who added that the same phenomenon happened to laminated images of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary on the same day, said it could be a sign for people to reflect more on Holy Week.

“I was really thinking ngano naa may [why there is a] scratch sa iyang neck… There must be a message for this Good Friday. It could be that we have to reflect this Holy Week,” he said.

Sandiego also revealed that the statue had first come into his family’s possession in the 1870s when his great-great-grandparents bought it.

Candice Acuña, Carcar City Information Officer and Sandiego’s relative, shared pictures of the images and the statue on her Facebook.

I have always been skeptical of these things but seeing it first hand changed my mind. Our santos, Veronica shed tears of blood at around noon today,” she wrote.