For returning $676 money order, man gets rewarded with $16K from GoFundMe fundraising

A good deed never goes unrewarded, so goes the saying.

And this is exactly what happened to a Good Samaritan who returned the $676 money order and got more than $16,000 as reward through the effort of the owner.

A CNN story said Yesenia Del Valle from California lost her $676 money order which was supposedly her tax payment for the IRS. It happened on April 18, otherwise known as ‘tax day’ and she was already in panic.

She had to turn her car upside down, looking for the order but could not find it. She went back to the Imperial Beach store where she bought the order but was told it would take 4 months to get her money back.

Resigned to her fate, she went home, ready to tell her husband about what happened. But on the same night, a man knocked at their door holding the lost money order.

The Good Samaritan identified himself as Sergio Juarez.

“I was a little startled because I didn’t know him. You don’t expect somebody to come to your door and hand deliver something to you,” Yesenia told CNN.

She gave him $40 and said: “Take your wife to Denny’s”.

But Juarez replied he had to use the $40 for the gas. And that’s when Yesenia realized the man is cash-strapped.

Feeling she had to do something, Yesenia started a fundraising at GoFundMe to help the honest man.

“He chose to find me and hand deliver that $676 when he doesn’t even have money for bare necessities,” she said.

As of April 27, the fundraising effort has raised more than $16,000 and still counting. It was way over her goal of $5,000.

The story went viral on social media and besides the money, job offers also started to pour in for Juarez.

“We are grateful. Words are not enough from us and thank you so much San Diego for your heart, thank you so much for everything and your prayers,” he said.

Watch his message: