Giant monitor lizard in Thai university, students’ unfazed reaction wows Internet

  • Social media amazed by picture of giant monitor lizard in popular Thai university
  • Students’ ho-hum reaction to large reptile going viral too
  • Photo and unbelievable size of reptile explained by locals

BANGKOK, Thailand – In another campus, this would have been flock of ducks.

Currently going viral around social media is a photograph of a large monitor lizard floating in a pond at Silpakorn University’s Sanamchandra Palace Campus in Nakhon Pathom while a group of students look on uninterested from a bridge above.

The picture, which was originally shared on Facebook by entertainment page Kidtam, now has more than 11,000 likes and 9,400 shares.

Amid suggestions the photo could have been tampered with, students from Silpakorn said big monitor lizards living in the university are part and parcel of their campus lives.

One explained that the reptiles — normally not harmful to humans — grow to gargantuan sizes because people regularly feed them.

“It’s not Photoshopped. I go to Silpakorn. They [the monitor lizards here] are at least two meters long. The largest one I’ve seen is almost 3 meters long and very fat. People feed them too,” Pangnum Salapao said.

Zuparerk Sornwit, an arts student, also recounted his nonchalant encounter with a monitor lizard.

“One time I was drawing by the pond. I was so into it. Then the big dude came above the water, acting like he wanted to come onto the shore. I stared at him. He stared at me. We were both perplexed. After ten seconds, he dived into the water, and I got back to drawing. Win-win situation,” he said.

Monitor lizards are a common sight in Thailand, with locals believing them to be symbols of good luck and fortune.