Hilarious! Woman demands funeral parlor to cremate husband’s mistress, gets silenced after funeral service’s reply

When you’re confronted with one of your greatest fears of having to deal with something that goes beyond your normal tolerance level, what do you do?

Say you caught your man cheating? You busted him for having an affair with someone.

How do you deal with it? Do you just sit down and cry? Well it might be the solution for some, but this particular woman went beyond the normal provocative manner of having to accost the mistress. Yes, she did something so unexpected in venting her anger and disappointment towards the other woman.

As per a KAMI  story which cited a Facebook post of DJ Chacha (Ang Nag-iisang Dyosa sa Balat ng Radyo), this victim of the third wheel party contacted a known funeral parlor.

Out of her wrath, she messaged St. Peter Funeral Service to have her husband’s other woman cremated. However, she did not get an immediate response so she sent another one, demanding for a reply; that if they fail to give an answer she will have the funeral service staff included inside the coffin.

So did she get a reply? Apparently, she did.

First, the funeral service issued an apology for not being able to respond quickly. Whether the woman was jesting or not, St. Peter Funeral Service tried to address the query with truth and honesty. Humor, too?

The funeral service’s admin said that it’s possible to have her request granted —  except that she needs to bring her husband’s mistress’ body already dead, as it would be costly if they are going to cremate her alive. Boink!

Apparently, no further conversation was indicated.

While this may be an old post by the popular DJ, the issue of ‘third wheels’ seems timeless.

Below is the screen shot of their conversation:

Image capture of post by DJ Chacha via Facebook