Hong Kong couple arrested for fighting over splitting bill in restaurant

Human behavior comes in all kinds and shapes, when MONEY is the issue.

This cliche still holds true in an incident where a couple were arrested at a Japanese barbecue restaurant in Hong Kong after a brawl over who should settle the bill.

Reports said that the pair argued over their bill after dining at a restaurant, located at Hong Kong’s King Wah Centre, on Sunday evening April 23.

The 37-year-old man surnamed Yung, and the 38-year-old woman surnamed Wong, were new acquaintances who met for the first time on Friday after Yung had asked her to help sell an old video game console, the report added.

According to the restaurant management, the two customers sat down at 7:54 pm, and the meal lasted more than three hours.

In addition to their food, the pair ordered three bottles of sake, three glasses of beer and soft drinks. The beverages cost close to HK$1,200 in total, compared to HK$700 for the food. The bill came to HK$2,135.10.

The argument broke out after the man suggested splitting the bill, but the woman refused. She handed him a HK$500 note.

The man tore up the banknote which caused the dispute to escalate into a physical altercation. The female diner later reported the fight to police.

The man was arrested for assault occasioning actual bodily harm, while the woman was arrested for common assault.

The man sustained injuries to the nose while the woman had limb injuries.

The case triggered heated discussion online.

A Facebook user commented the man should not have taken the woman to that restaurant if he could not afford it, while another responded that the woman should have just paid and forgotten about the man.

Another user jokingly suggested the duo had pretended to fight just to avoid paying the bill.