“Hot Math Teacher” Piettro Boselli explains workout video, says he’s not racist at all

  • Model defended himself over viral workout video
  • He said he and his Filipino friend came up with the video together
  • He denied he was racist, said he respects everyone

MANILA, Philippines – Pietro Boselli, dubbed the “World’s Hottest Math Teacher”, defended himself over the viral workout video which landed him in hot water.

Boselli, who was in the country for a modeling stint, said the video which showed him using his Filipino friend Danel as a piece of workout equipment was something they had actually planned together as a funny skit.

“I am so far removed from racism that I cannot possibly see anything racist about a funny video I have made with my friend Danel,” he told the Telegraph.

Saying he respects people regardless of their nationality, Boselli turned the tables on his critics and said they were actually the ones being racist for putting malice in the video.

“We all have differences but we are all the same as human beings. I have and always will respect everyone,” he said. “If anyone sees any racism in this video, they probably have racism in their head. I and Danel alike, still think this is a light hearted and funny video.”

The video, which was shot in a beach, shows Boselli doing workouts using Danel as the equipment.

It has since gone viral after he posted it on his Facebook account. While many lauded the video, some have also criticized it for treating the Filipino as an object.

“This is outrageous. The Filipino man is referred to by the white man (Pietro Boselli) as “that” and “my weight”, he doesn’t have a name, neither do we see his face clearly, nor do we hear him speak, he is purely an object to be used by the white man, and must be approached “slowly because he can get scared and start running”, just like a wild animal? Yes I do have fun and I have a great sense of humour. That’s what lets me recognise that this is demeaning and derogatory – not funny,” one critic said.