Instagram favorite: Sweet big sister Kylie Padilla plays with Baby Isabella

  • A photo of actress Kylie Padilla while playing with her baby sister became an Instagram favorite
  • Kylie was seen playing with Baby Isabella, the daughter of her father Robin Padilla and his wife Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla
  • Mariel helped Kylie prepare for the latter’s baby shower

A photo of actress Kylie Padilla while playing with her baby sister Isabella became an Instagram favorite.

On Instagram, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, the wife of Kylie’s father Robin Padilla, posted a photo of Kylie while playing with Isabella.

Mariel shared that they were with Kylie because she helped the latter prepare for her baby shower.

“Awww. Spent the afternoon with my beautiful Ate Kylie. We did her baby registry for her baby shower,” she captioned the photo.

Many Instagram users were touched by the photo.

“Really sweet to see that you are very supportive and friends with Robin’s kids. I admire you and his kids too for maintaining a good relationship,” wrote @ashleyfrudge.

“So sweet of @marieltpadilla to help out the soon-to-be-mommy @ourqueeniskyliepadilla…. Just happy to see nice affection. You give to Kylie. So sweet,” commented @queenbellevie.

“Ang cute! Loving Ate Kylie, soon to be mom! Lucky she’s with you, @marieltpadilla,” @remadel_xoxo said.

As of posting, the photo now has more than 35,000 favorites.

Kylie, who is the fiancee of actor Aljur Abrenica, is currently five months pregnant and is expected to give birth late July or early August this year.

In her previous posts, the first-time mom seemed to be very excited. She also wrote a poem for their child; showing how inspired and excited she is over her anticipated motherhood.

Read Kylie Padilla’s poem for her soon-to-be–child:

And we hold on love
Everything will be alright
my light, in the night

Kick for me always
Remind me of life’s beauty
and to be happy

My little jellybean
You are where love has no end
all hate, I suspend

Heal for you I will
Surrender my heart I will
Carry you I will

Never be alone
Like the childhood I have known
You will be with me

I’ll let you teach me
That love is no charity
It is just you and me