International Church of Cannabis to open on 4/20

A church for marijuana enthusiasts announced its official grand opening at 400 S., Logan Street, Denver, Colorado just in time for the “high holiday” of 4/20 (April 20).

Dubbed as the International Church of Cannabis or the “ICC,” the group says it will serve as a “spiritual home to adults who seek to be the best version of themselves by way of the cannabis— a sacrament regarded as a gift from the universal creative force.”

Image capture of video via Huffington post

Lee Molloy, one of the members of the church, reportedly said, “our life stance is that the cannabis is a sacrament and that we use it to elevate our lives and achieve the best versions of ourselves that we can be.”

Their church members are called the Elevationists where a Christian or a Jewish can be as such.

Elevationism claims no divine authority, nor an authoritarian organizational structure. Therefore, those of all religious backgrounds are welcome to visit their church and take part in the activities.

Steve Berke, CEO of the chapel’s P.R. group and the landlord of the church said that “Elevationism” is not in any way a replacement to one’s extant faith but more of a supplement to it. He also added that they are elated to exclusively bring out the marvelous story to the whole world.

Meanwhile, Briley Hale, spokesperson for the ICC, said that existing members of the Elevation Ministries from across the world will be meeting at the chapel on 4/20 to invite others to join their cause. Leaders will also bring with them artists, comedians, musicians, and guest speakers.

When it opens, the ICC will be the largest pro-marijuana church in the world.

The chapel that they renovated is a 113-year-old structure that was recently inhabited by a Lutheran congregation. Hale was grateful that they were able to turn the building into something useful, rather than it being left abandoned or converted into condos.

Berke also took pride on the murals that were displayed where two of the most famous artists in the world have contributed to its magnificence.

The outside mural was painted by the world famous artist Kenny Scharf, and the insides of the church was painted bright-colored designs by the Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel.

“We don’t believe that a church needs to be necessarily drab and boring for it to be a spiritual place,” Berke claimed.

Steve Berke (sitting) Image capture of video via Huffington Post


(comparison of the ICC designs and traditional christian church) Image capture of video via Huffington Post,

Neighbors seem to recognize and appreciate the restoration of an old church, but were concerned about how the new tenants would use the place; considering that the church is now a place for people to “get high.”

Berke said that the church is fully aware of its responsibilities of being a good neighbor and that its members will be responsive to concerns about noise, parking, and use or consumption of marijuana.

“This is not just a bunch of lazy stoners getting together to get high,” he said. “We really want to positively impact Washington Park West neighborhood. We want to do great things for the community.”

Their church will never sell marijuana or accessories; however, will provide a space for people to come together and use the sacramental plant.