It’s a boy! With fast thinking and improvisation, two State Police troopers help a pinoy family deliver their baby on the side of a road in New Jersey.

Bridgewater, NJ –Two State Police troopers came to the aid of a Pinoy couple Tuesday morning to help deliver their baby on the side of southbound Interstate 287 at milepost 14.

It was a rainy day at about 8:04 am when Cecilia Ingles, who was in labor, was being driven to the hospital by her husband Lou Ingles. They had to stop on the shoulder of the road because Cecilia felt that her baby was so much ready to come out and she was not going to make to the hospital  in time.

The couple were able to catch the attention of Trooper Luis Valle, who was nearby, on a traffic stop.

Few minutes later, Trooper Tony Lee also arrived to assist. Both troopers then proceeded to help deliver the baby.

Paramedics arrived to give first aid and additional care to the mother and child, but they did not have a clamp to hold and cut the umbilical cord. Trooper Lee acted fast and improvised. He used his phone charger to tie off the cord so that it could be cut.

The Mother and the newborn were then quickly transported by an ambulance to St. Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ where they were last listed in stable condition.

The baby boy was named Matteo and weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds, 11 ounces.

Good job, troopers! Thank you for serving and protecting.

There are no reports if trooper Lee asked for his charger back though. (wink)