Jackie Chan’s daughter allegedly tried to take her own life

  • Jackie Chan’s daughter allegedly tried to kill herself
  • Her mother declined to comment but said she is relieved that her daughter is okay and doing well now
  • The mother and daughter had a strained relationship over allegation of child abuse

Jackie Chan’s 17-year-old daughter, Etta Ng, allegedly tried to take her own life after she was reportedly admitted to a hospital in Hong Kong on Sunday, April 2, for still unknown reasons.

Etta Ng is Chan’s illegitimate daughter with former beauty queen Elaine Ng. The Hong Kong action/comedy superstar had an affair with Ng in the 90’s and they bore a child while he was married to former actress Lin Feng-jiao.

Citing local media reports, The Straits Times said the troubled teen went to Thailand with her mother’s friend on Friday, but returned to Hong Kong after two days and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

A few days ago, she posted on her social media account about “feeling stressed”.

Elaine Ng, however, declined to comment on the report that her daughter attempted to take her own life and merely said she was relieved that the latter is okay and recovering at the hospital. She added they are still waiting for the doctor’s report about Etta’s condition.

Netizens recalled Etta discussing and sharing ‘suicide articles’ on social media; fueling speculations that she may have tried to kill herself.

The mother-and-daughter relationship had reportedly been strained over the past few weeks following allegations of child abuse.

Elaine has been arrested two times in the past – recently for criminal intimidation after a dispute with her daughter’s friends when she found sedatives in her room.

In 2015, the mother was also detained when Etta accused her of physical abuse.


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