Jake Ejercito Fights Back: “Stop Playing the Victim Card!”; Andi Eigenmann Reacts!

Jake Ejercito finally speaks up after Andi Eigenmann’s series of tirades against him. Ejercito, who was revealed recently to be the father of Ellie Eigenmann, wants Andi to stop using him as a “publicity pawn.”

It can be remembered on a previous story that Andi Eigenmann called the young actor “heartless” on Twitter after he filed for joint custody over their 5-year-old daughter. ABS-CBN’s Mario Dumaual reported Ejercito’s statement, which was released by their lawyer Ferdinand Topacio on Saturday. It states: “In spite of the slanderous claims made by some, I have relatively kept my piece since I filed the petition for joint custody of Ellie… But in recent days, one in particular has been overgeneralizing to the point of dragging my entire family into the issue.”

Jake Ejercito added:”I now kindly request her to focus her tirades on me as I will not allow myself to be used as a publicity pawn against my family. Moreover, I will not let my family be incessantly used in someone’s apparent pursuit to play victim.”

Ejercito also made it clear that they reached for Andi Eigenmann’s camp before filing the petition.

He said that “they did it numerous times, and in countless ways…” Aside from that, he insists on his rights of being Ellie’s father to make up for the lost time. Ejercito also suggests Eigenmann to stop making it all about her and finally have a resolution that would make both parties happy in the end.

Eigenmann, however, reacted on Ejercito’s statement.