La Union cop praised for returning bag with P100k cash he found in a mall

  • A cop in La Union returned a bag with more than P100,000 cash inside
  • The bag belongs to a lending company employee who left it inside the mall after eating lunch
  • The owner is very grateful after getting the bag and the money back

MANILA, Philippines – A police officer in La Union has been praised for returning a bag with cash he found inside the mall on Wednesday, April 5.

The honest cop has been identified in an ABS-CBN News story as PO2 Sunny Perez; a beat patroler from the San Fernando City police. He returned the bags to its owner, Renato Alvarez, after receiving word that the latter forgot it after eating lunch at a restaurant in the mall.

Alvarez is an employee of a lending company and the money was intended for one of their clients.

According to Alvarez, he brought the bag and placed it beside the seat opposite him. However, he forgot about it after leaving the premises.

Upon realizing his mistake, he immediately sought the help of his client, who then contacted a police officer in La Union. The word was then spread quickly until it reached PO2 Perez.

The cop said he first asked the guard whether he knew the bag’s owner but the latter said he had no idea.  He then peeked inside and found the money. The total amount he found was P114,960.

It also contains identification cards, ATM cards and some documents.

“Ayun, tiningnan ko kung andun iyong sinasabi na pera. Hindi naman po sa akin. Kung hindi sa iyo, huwag mong kukunin,” Perez narrated.

 [When I peeked inside, the money was there. It’s not mine. If it’s not yours, don’t take it.]

Meanwhile, Alvarez was very grateful that he finally got the money back.

“Ngayon ako naniniwala na katiwa-tiwala ang mga pulis natin, lalo na dito sa La Union,” he said.

[Now I believe that our police officers are trustworthy, especially here in La Union.]