Look: Rainbow-colored corn grows in Zamboanga City

  • Rainbow-colored corns now grown in a farm situated at Barangay Bolong in Zamboanga City
  • The variety was bought from Indonesia and Thailand by Mark Basalludin
  • The corn looks more visually-enticing but tastes like any ordinary corn

Maize, which is more popularly known as corn, is a large grain plant first domesticated by indigenous peoples in Mexico about 10,000 years ago. The six major types of corn are dent corn, flint corn, pod corn, popcorn, flour corn, and sweet corn.

Just recently, a new variant of corn has been turning heads arousing people’s curiosity due to its rainbow-colored kernels which is far from the usual yellow-hued bits.

An article by RJ Rosalado on ABS-CBN News mentioned that the unique variety of corn was bought from Indonesia and Thailand in 2016 by Mark Basalludin. About three months ago, Basalludin planted the rainbow-colored corns in his farm situated at Barangay Bolong in Zamboanga City.

“I tried planting the unique variant just because the vibrant colors of the corn made me curious,” Basaluddin was quoted saying.

Basalludin said that although the variety looks more visually-enticing because of its unique feature, the rainbow-colored corn tastes like any ordinary corn.

At present, Basaluddin is testing the local market to see if locals would appreciate and patronize the unique and colorful cobs.

Meanwhile, a separate report written by Dina Spector which was published by Business Insider in June 2016 stated that glass Gem corn, a unique variety of rainbow-colored corn, became an Internet sensation in 2012 when a photo of the sparkling cob was posted to Facebook.

The report mentioned that shortly after, the Arizona-based company that sells the rare seeds, Native Seeds/SEARCH, began ramping up production to meet the high demand.

In January of this year, a number of photos were shared by Facebook page Glass Gem Corn showing how colorful the variant can be.