Man chains up rat in tiny stocks as punishment for entering his house

Lee Wei-chin of Taichung City in West Taiwan shared the strange snaps of a rodent rat shackled in tiny stocks after being caught lurking around his house.

Lee uploaded the odd photos via social media to show how he rebuffed the fuzzy interloper, gaining significant responses with a thousand likes and comments as disclosed in the Mirror story.

“I finally caught it!” he said in his caption.

As per Mail Online, there were two photos that surfaced the social media platform showing a medieval type of discipline where the poor creature had its head and both front legs secured in the stocks.

By a small chance of getting tiny stocks that could bolt up the tiny rodent’s head and arms, Lee managed to find one, making sure it could not escape.

Basing from the look of the uniquely designed metal instrument, it was apparent how the Taiwanese man was just so desperate to capture the bothersome rat.

Mirror online claimed that the photos have been shared by netizens for more than 1,000 times as of its writing, yet some have communicated sympathy towards the poor creature.

“Kill it or let it go,” one netizen wrote.

Lee, however claimed that he has discharged the rat later that day.

No reports were noted though how the homeowner was able to get a hold of the tiny rodent stocks.