Mega drug bust: Colombia seizes 6 tons of cocaine

  • The Colombian police confiscated 6 tons of cocaine
  • The shipment was the third largest seizure of illicit drugs in Colombia
  • The drugs belonged to a powerful crime group called Glan del Golfo

Colombian police foiled an attempt to ship 6 metric tons of cocaine to Spain on Sunday, April 2. Spain is said to be one of the world’s biggest cocaine consumers.

As per Colombia Reports, the National Police announced the mega drug bust on its social media page where it said the illicit drug had been seized in the port city of Baranquilla. Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas told reporters that the shipment was the third-largest seizure in the country’s history.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said the illegal drugs belonged to a big organized criminal gang called Glan del Golfo. He said the estimated value of the seized drugs is 200 million Euros or around $213 million.

The drugs, according to the National Police, were cleverly hidden inside a container van full of scrap metals. The crime group tried to send the drugs to Spain through a front company that already made legitimate shipments to Europe.