Mocha answers with sarcasm on Paredes’ tweet why she’s part of presidential entourage

Sexy singer-dancer-model-turned-blogger and loyal administration supporter Mocha Uson threw a sarcastic comment in reply to Jim Paredes’ tweet.

The APO Hiking Society singer, composer and administration critic Jim Paredes tweeted a question why the MTRCB board member Uson was part of the Presidential entourage to the Middle East.

This time, Uson seemed to hold back from using usual profane words when she tweeted her response to Paredes’ question which he claimed was just an honest one without malice.


“Sorry po Mr Jim Paredes hindi po ako naka paalam sa inyo. Next time po papaalam ako. Mga kaDDS pasabi kay JIM sorry kamo, ban ako sa kanya.”

 [Sorry Mr. Jim Paredes, I was not able to ask permission from you. Next time, I will. Fellow DDS, please tell Jim I am sorry, I am banned from him.]

In defense to Uson being part of the president’s entourage, tweeter users said that she’s the voice of the Overseas Filipino Workers and is more social media relevant than Paredes.

Meanwhile, many Tweeter users also asked in return why Budget Secretary Florencio Abad and Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Sec. Joseph Emilio “Jun” Abaya, and Quezon City Congressman Bolet Banal were with VP Leni in her visit to South Africa.

“Because they can probably sit with counterparts or advise Leni. What advice can Mocha give? And why are u defensive? Twas a simple tanong,” [It was a simple question], Paredes answered. He also added that Banal was Robredo’s adviser since before the elections.

Other than the never ending defenses from both camps, a more substantial tweet was posted by a certain netizen: “Huwag Hanapan ng Hanapan ng Mali ang mga Tamang Ginagawa, Tumulong na lang sa paglikha imbes na manghila Pababa”

[Don’t try to find flaws on the good things being done, let us just help find ways instead of pulling someone down.]