‘Napagkamalang hotdog?’ This Navotas eatery offers hilarious ‘Tokhang’ menu

  • An eatery in Navotas City is offering hilarious ‘Tokhang’ menu
  • This include ‘Pinosas na Liempo’ and ‘Nanlabang Ham’
  • The owner said it’s only in the spirit of fun

MANILA, Philippines – Amid the government’s bloody anti-illegal drug campaign, this eatery in Navotas City has found a way to turn the infamous ‘tokhang’ into something palatable.

“Tokhang Sizzlers”, which is obviously named after the Philippine National Police (PNP) controversial ‘Oplan Tokhang’, is located across the Navotas Agora Market.

It opened in February, just days after the “Oplan Tokhang” was suspended amid heavy criticisms and allegations of police brutality and abuses.

According to InterAksyon, the “Tokhang Sizzlers” operator is Maricris Flores from Navotas City. She never meant to exploit the ‘morbid connotations’ of the terms used in the menu, but only “in the spirit of fun”.

Besides, she said, it’s the reality everyone saw on the news everyday.

“It’s what’s happening every day. All these killings. It’s what you see on TV. These dishes, they’re meant to make people laugh, to show them reality,” she said.

Anyway, the menus offered will certainly ring a bell to everyone. These include:

  • Inuluhang Manok
  • Pinosas na Liempo
  • Sinalvage na Bangus
  • Wanted na Sisig
  • Hinabol na Tapa
  • Sinakong Longganisa
  • Dinukot na Corned Beef
  • Nanlabang Ham
  • Dinampot na Tocino
  • Napagkamalang Hotdog

Prices ranged from P45 to P99.

Video report from News5: