Netizen pays for brand new phone, and this is what he finds out with the unit

Image capture of Em Mendoza’s Facebook post

MANILA, Philippines – A netizen took to social media to express his disappointment not only with the product he bought, but also with how the store treated his complaint.

In a Facebook post dated April 15, Em Mendoza said he bought an Oppo F1s from City Telecom at SM City Rosario. It was the second time in a week that he purchased the same unit from the same store.

The first time was in April 11, and apparently, he didn’t have any problem then. The unit was working and everything was in order, including the store’s customer service.

But when he went back to buy a second phone, he did not get a warranty card and the unit was no longer wrapped in a plastic like the first. However, he chose to ignore this since he already trusted the store and its staff.

But when he gave the ‘brand new’ phone to his sister, she found out some pictures already saved inside its memory. Some of them were dated back in December 2016, which possibly meant it was already used by a previous owner.

Also, the netizen suspected the second phone was returned by a previous customer for whatever reason, but the store chose to still sell them nonetheless.

However, when they went back to the shop, the staff initially refused to refund the amount paid for the phone and insisted for a replacement instead. Another option offered was to add P1,000 for an upgraded version of the unit.

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