North Korean weapons in military parade are ‘fake’, says US expert

  • A US expert said the weapons displayed in North Korea’s recent military parade are fake
  • He believes some of those weapons and artillery are not really combat effective
  • These include the silver-plated rifles, AK-47s with grenade launchers and the combat sunglasses

All of North Korea’s massive display of artillery and high-powered weapons during a recent military parade could just be only for a show after all; this was according to Michael Pregent, a former US intelligence officer.

North Korea has conducted a large-scale display of artillery this week to mark the 105th birthday of its founding leader, Kim Il-sung.

Pregent explained why he believes that most of the weapons carried by the North Korean troops are ‘fake’, including the sunglasses which he said are not even fit for combat.

“This was more about sending a message than being combat effective,” said Pregent who pointed out the AK-47 with attached grenade launchers carried by commandos are actually “’helical’ magazines designed to store bullets in a spiral shape.”

These, he said, are often faulty and frequently jam.

Image from Mail Online/ AP

As a matter of fact, Pregent said, some of the troops may have been given ‘toys’ in an attempt to fool the world. He also noticed some silver-plated rifles on the troops which he said is very unlikely and could have been painted.

Pregent also described the projectile at the tip of the rifle as ‘laughable’ because the plastic is very noticeable in the muzzle.

As for the sunglasses worn by ‘special ops commandos’, Pregent said these are “regular, flat-face frames that offer little protection for the eyes”, as compared to those worn by Western forces which are ‘ballistic safety glasses’ that wrapped around the head’.

Despite this, however, other experts said that North Korea’s ground, ballistic missiles and even nuclear capabilities that were tested a few weeks ago remains a clear and present danger to its enemies.

For this Pregent agrees and asked: “They have a legitimate military capability with their artillery – why pretend in other spaces?”