#notocatcalling : Pinay Commuter Posts about Jeepney Driver’s Catcalling; Draws Mixed Reaction from Netizens

A lot of women get violated everyday due to catcalling. For the benefit of everyone, catcalling is not a compliment, it is a form of sexual harassment and it is defined as any sexual gesture, whether it is yelling, whistling, or praising a woman in a demeaning and malicious way.

Offenders argue that this is their way to compliment a very attractive girl —  but this is not acceptable as girls feel abused and violated. Most women find it disturbing and harassing in nature. However, misogynists around argue that they do not catcall women who do not ask for it. Bu, really, are there women who want to feel violated and objectified?

So when a certain Hazel Mhariz posted on Facebook her experience in a public transportation vehicle, it received varied reactions from netizens. On her post below, she warned her friends about catcalling and relayed how the jeepney driver stared at her like she doesn’t have clothes on.

She also said she was just wearing a plain t-shirt and pants; adding that the offender even told her “ganda mo naman miss” and “bat magisa ka lang miss” [you’re so beautiful, miss! why are you alone?] —  making her feel uncomfortable and violated.

As she ended her post, she reminded everyone – it’s not about what you’re wearing, if a person has no manners and wants to catcall, he will.

Her post which currently now has 4,500 shares and almost a thousand comments have drawn mixed reactions from netizens. Some  even called her “feeler” and “assuming.” However, many were also quick to point out that she was raising awareness

“Nowadays there need to be evidence. And what better way to obtain evidence is through pictures and video, if needed. Thank God for technology and cases such as this can be reported to proper authorities or in the absence of such, through social media. In this way, people will be aware that such things do happen. And praying that this wont happen to you, to us, or to any of our love ones. God speed.”

“Sa mga taong nag-rereklamo kung bakit nagawa pang mag-picture at i-post, syempre para mag-raise ng awareness. At syempre kailangan ng picture. Kung walang picture sasabihin niyo kesyo walang ebidensiya, kesyo biased. Konting-isip naman diyan.”

Because, indeed, a catcall is not a compliment as enumerated by Buzzfeed in a video.

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