OFW in HK arrested for stealing employer’s clothes worth HK$30,000

A 41-year-old Filipino domestic helper in Hong Kong was arrested for allegedly stealing her employer’s clothes at a luxury house in Repulse Bay on Monday, April 10, 2017.

The maid who was acting suspiciously, was stopped by a security guard after being spotted leaving the house on 89 Repulse Bay on Monday carrying a large nylon bag. The guard found 50 pieces of clothing inside the bag which prompted him to call the police, Asia Times reported.

 “After an initial investigation, she was suspected of stealing 50 pieces of clothing worth about HK$30,000,” said the police spokesman.

The maid reportedly told the police that the clothes which were all women’s clothing worth  around HK$30,000 (P191, 630) were intended to be sold.

The helper was arrested for suspected theft and has been charged as per an Asia Times story.

Days before this incident, there was also a similar case wherein  a 40-year-old Filipino OFW, Mildred Nilo Ladia was cited for theft in Hong Kong where she was accused of stealing a bag and two pairs of footwear; however the charge was not pushed through because her employer was hospitalized, as reported by Philippine News

Ladia was ordered to pay a fine of HK$ 800 (P5,130) after she admitted to eating her employer’s meatballs worth HK$100 (P642).