OFW records video while calling for help as her pervert employer forcibly tries to enter her room

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – OFW Angeline Abedes desperately filmed herself while holding the door against her employer who was forcing entrance to her room.

She shouted and cried as the door got unlocked and the video was cut.

Luckily, she was rescued by fellow Filipinos thru the efforts of TV 5’s Aksyon Raffy Tulfo’s team and her employment agency.

In the video, she was behind her door, scared, crying, desperately calling to God: “Lord, gabayan mo ako sa araw na ‘to, kailangan ko po kayo. Pinapasok po nila ako, Lord.”

She tried to talk to her man-boss at the other side of the door: “Sir, please sir, what do you want, sir, please… I call police!

She then asked help from a fellow Ilocano friend named ‘Ramil’ who also works abroad. He advised her to record a live video in situations like this.

The moment became more intense as the man on the other side of the door became more persistent in trying to unlock her door. She said “Sir, you have your plan before. You see(show) your p***s to me, what do you want, sir. Sir what do u want!”

Eventually the door got forcibly opened as she was shouting: “Oh my God, ayan na!” Then the video was cut.

In TV 5’s program Aksyon sa Tanghali, host Raffy Tulfo was able to have a phone call interview with Angeline.

When asked if her boss does this to her every night, she said no. According to Angeline, it was this one time, around 6 p.m. after her cleaning chores that her boss was at the living room without his underpants on. She said she couldn’t tell if the man was intentionally showing to her his private part.

She went to say her boss’s wife left; taken by the husband somewhere else. When the husband returned, he was wearing shorts, which according to Angeline was not normal, for she sees the man everyday in long sleeves and the typical dress-up of an Arab man.

That time, the employer knew that she was in her bedroom and told her to get him some salad.

Suspecting that bad things might happen, she asked her boss to wait for a while as she would just be getting her cellphone. She locked her door following the incident that happened in the video.

When asked by host Tulfo if her recruitment agency knew about this, Angeline said, “yes, they knew, and they asked me what do I want.” She said she just wanted to go home.

Mr Tulfo’s team contacted Ronald Tapnio, Corporate Secretary of First Step Manpower International Services Incorporated, the recruitment agency that helped Angeline work abroad.

On the live phone call of the news program, Mr. Tulfo asked Mr. Tapnio: “Can you make it urgent that you send a counterpart there wherever Angeline is so that she could go home right away, TODAY?”

Tapnio said that they would be fetching her today. Mr. Tulfo then made sure to monitor if they would be able to deliver their commitment of bringing the poor OFW home.

Hearing that help is on the way, Angeline sobbingly said thank you.

The following video footage by Raffy Tulfo in Action will melt your heart as “Yakap” by Charice Pempengco plays on the background when Angeline reunites with her loved ones in an airport in the Philippines.

There are many victims; still out there in foreign lands. Some have accepted the pain and lived with it, some have fought for their dignity, some have succeeded, some were hurt, some have died, and some have yet to face it. It is just heartwarming that there are programs like this that provide immediate action to shed light to those who are scared, hopeless, and desperate.

Watch the video:

OFW sa Riyadh, nakunan ng video ang sarili habang SUMISIGAW ng saklolo dahil pilit ng binubuksan ng manyak na amo ang pinto ng kanyang kwarto.Gusto ng amo na ipanapakita ang kanyang ari.song:Yakap by Charice#raffytulfoinactionwww.youtube.com/raffytulfoofficialwww.raffytulfoinaction.com

Posted by Raffy Tulfo on Tuesday, April 25, 2017