Passenger stung by scorpion on United Airlines flight

  • A man claimed to have been bitten by a scorpion on a United Airlines flight
  • The incident took place the same day a Vietnamese-American doctor was dragged out of a United Airlines flight
  • The man is hoping United Airlines would offer him some sort of compensation for his ordeal

A man is hoping to get compensation from United Airlines after claiming a scorpion fell from an overhead compartment and stung him during a flight from Houston to Calgary last Sunday, April 9; the same day a 69-year-old Vietnamese-American doctor was dragged off a United Airlines flight.

As per The Guardian, Richard Bell was eating lunch in his business class seat when the venomous creature fell on his head.

“While I was eating, something fell in my hair from the overhead above me. I picked it up, and it was a scorpion. And I was holding it out by the tail, so it couldn’t really sting me then,” Mr. Bell said.

A fellow passenger warned bell that the scorpion could be dangerous, so he dropped it on his plate. The arachnid stung him when he picked it up again.

“It stung me on the thumb right next to my nail…it stung like a wasp thing,” Bell said.

As he staggered from the wasp-like sting, he flicked the scorpion onto the floor. A flight attendant quickly covered it with a cup.

“Then we got out of our seats and stepped on it. And then the flight attendants threw it in the restroom,” Bell said.

After a visit to the hospital, Bell was told he would be fine.

Bell said he has no plans of suing United Airlines, but is hoping that the airlines would offer him some sort of compensation for his ordeal.

The incident was confirmed by  theUnited Airlines.