[PHOTOS] Unbelievable! Metro Manila freed from traffic as captured by ‘Everywhere We Shoot’

Would you believe the whole Metro Manila has almost gotten desolated?

Traffic in Metro Manila has been part of commuters’ everyday vocabulary; from traffic jams during rush hours leaving home early in the morning to getting back home that takes forever due to its heavy traffic that is sometimes caused by fights that occur over reckless driving and delinquent pedestrians.

It’s almost impossible to envision getting it clear from foot travelers and vehicles. As this becomes a pressing issue to commuters, pedestrians, and drivers, none of the ways to cope with this bumper-to-bumper traffic has been proven to have made a significant change in alleviating the current situation, EXCEPT during Holy Week where Metro Manila is quiet and deserted starting Holy Thursday; more so on Good Friday.

On Everywhere We Shoot! Facebook page, it posted pictures of the country’s capital during the Good Friday at 3-4 p.m. As of posting, comments have soared to more than 700; most of them so hilarious.

As one comment goes:kapag ganyan ba matatakot ka pang tumawid? Kahit humiga ka pa sa gitna ng kalsada eh hahaha”

You wouldn’t believe what they were able to capture!

Take a quick look at these implausible shots. You could even lie down on the streets and wish it could last forever.

Image by Everywhere We Shoot!
Image by Everywhere We Shoot!
Image by Everywhere We Shoot!
Image by Everywhere We Shoot!

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