Pinay maid fined HK$800 for eating employer’s meatballs worth HK$100

• A Pinay domestic helper in Hong Kong was fined by a court for eating her employer’s food
• The OFW was fined eight times the amount of food she ate
• She will also lose her eligibility to find work in Hong Kong again

A Filipina maid in Hong Kong has been fined HK$800 by a local court after she admitted eating her employer’s meatballs valued at HK$100 last year.

According to the South China Morning Post, 40-year-old Mildred Nilo Ladia pleaded guilty of one count of theft (for eating her boss’s meatballs without permission) but denied another charge alleging that she stole a pair of slippers and a designer bag from her employer, barrister Gekko Lan Suet-ying.

Ladia’s lawyer, Theresa Low, said the verdict was devastating to the OFW as her offense, according to the Eastern Court magistrate Jason Wan, constitute a “breach of trust” which is considered as a serious offense.

Ladia is set to lose her eligibility to work in Hong Kong again. Wan said he did not hand down the customary imprisonment because meatballs are inexpensive and the maid had already paid her employer.

Prior to her arrest last May, the employer deducted HK$100 from her HK$4,210 salary.