Proud wife shares story of how husband tirelessly carries baby at work

Lucky is a wife whose husband lives up to the vows he made during their momentous wedding — for better or for worse he would be there for you for life!

A certain netizen, Maureen Jill Corpuz-Cuison, shared her story with KAMI on how her one-of-a-kind  husband Julius Cuison makes her very proud.

Aside from working all day, Julius makes sure to take good care of their child whatever it takes — even if taking care means bringing the baby at work when no one else could.

Image by Maureen Jill Corpuz-Cuison

Yes, this dad literally carries the baby around in the restaurant he is currently working at.

According to Maureen, because they are both working they need to organize their schedule and take turns on looking after their baby.

If one is working, the other would be baby-sitting. However, sometimes it gets to a point where she couldn’t be able to look after the baby since her home-based job requires focus and attention; so it would end up with Julius bringing the baby with him at Monster Milkshake restaurant.

They once had a nanny who, unfortunately, didn’t return after the Christmas vacation and until now they haven’t found a replacement. Everyone knows how difficult it is to look for a househelp or a babysitter.

As much she would like to help because she knows it might compromise her partner’s work, she couldn’t help but agree and let him do it.

Tiring as it may seem, the father endures the pain on his back with his baby in the carrier. He ignores getting tired and pained for as long as he knows their baby is in his safe hands.

Image by Maureen Jill Corpuz-Cuison

He accepts the full responsibility of being a good father and loving husband and never thinks of the situation as a burden for him. Cheers to a happy wife and Mom!

Image by Maureen Jill Corpuz-Cuison
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