Really? This Taiwanese grandma uses $1,100 Louis Vuitton bag to carry fresh fish

  • A Taiwanese grandmother has been using her Louis Vuitton bag to carry fish and grocery items
  • The $1,100 designer handbag was a gift from her grandson
  • The story amused netizens and has gone viral on social media

Who would carry around a $1,100 designer handbag with fresh fish and groceries inside?

Well, apparently, only this grandmother from Taiwan who had no idea she went to the market with a Louis Vuitton bag she used to stack her grocery items.

The story was told in a social media post (in Chinese) in Taiwan and has gone viral recently.

The sharer said he bought a ‘Neverfull’ LV bag for his grandmother which costs around $1,100. It was a gift after knowing that she had not bought a new handbag for herself for some time.

On his next visit, however, the grandson said he was shocked after seeing his grandma coming from the market with the LV; narrating excitedly that the bag was quite heavy but ‘waterproof’. Inside were fresh fish and grocery items.

The grandson added he was about to point out to his grandmother that she was carrying an expensive designer bag, but decided to just let it go after watching how excited the old woman was.

“I’ve already did my part as her grandson, as long as she is happy, I’m satisfied,” the grandson wrote.

His post has been shared many times and netizens couldn’t help but be amused and laugh at the story.

“Your granny must be most fashionable person at the market, walking around like she’s strutting on the runway, even the fish has gone up in value!” one commenter said.

The sharer ended his post by saying: “No wonder LV bag has such a good reputation; it can last really long and is very durable!”