Russia calls U.S. missile strike on Syria illegitimate, warns of extremely serious consequences

  • Russia called the U.S. airstrike against Syria illegitimate
  • The Russian government warned that the strike could have extremely serious consequences
  • The U.S. cruise missile strikes were in response to the poison gas attack allegedly carried out by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces

Russia has condemned the cruise missile strike by the United States (U.S.) on a Syrian air base; warning that it could have extremely serious consequences. It called the missile attack an “act of aggression against a sovereign Syria.”

On Thursday evening, April 6, the U.S. military attacked the Shayrat air base with 59 Tomahawk missiles in response to the chemical attack by the Syrian government on rebel-held area on Tuesday, April 4. The missile attack, called by a U.S. defense official as a “one-off”, was intended to prevent future chemical weapons attacks and not an expansion of U.S. role in Syrian war.

U.S. President Donald Trump said the Shayrat airfield was used by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s warplanes to launch the attack. The Assad regime denied it carried out the poison gas attack.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev charged that the U.S. strikes were one step away from clashing with Russia’s military, as per Reuters.


Source :

Reuters, Sky News