Sen. Trillanes denies bribing Davaoeña businesswoman to testify vs President Duterte

  • Trillanes denied bribing a Davao-based woman to testify against President Duterte
  • The senator said it was the woman who approached their group
  • Trillanes suspects that the woman was planted in their camp to weaken their case against the President

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV denied he bribed a businesswoman from Davao City to lie against President Rodrigo Duterte.

As per a  story, Senator Trillanes denied the revelation made by the woman named Guillermina Barrido Arcillas who surfaced in a press conference in Davao City and claimed she was coached and paid money by Atty. Jude Josue Sabio, who is the lawyer of confessed Davao Death Squad hit man; Father Alberto Alejo and Senator Trillanes, as represented by a member of his Senate staff named Jonel, to testify against the President.

The senator claimed it was Arcillas who approached Atty. Sabio to provide information about President Duterte’s supposed links to illegal drugs.

Trillanes suspects that the woman is part of the “propaganda game” the camp of President Duterte is playing. In a press conference, he presented a video where he said Arcillas was shown voluntarily giving information against the President; belying the woman’s claim that she was being coached what to say.

The senator believes Arcillas was planted in their camp to weaken their case against President Duterte.

Watch the video where Arcillas claimed Trillanes’ group bribed her to lie vs President Duterte: