South African woman wakes up from anesthesia, suddenly speaks fluent Korean

  • A South African woman woke from anesthesia and suddenly spoke fluent Korean
  • She said she had never been to South Korea but admitted studying the language for nine years
  • Her You Tube video has gone viral in South Korea and was featured in local channels

A South African You Tuber has become an online sensation in South Korea after waking up from anesthesia and spoke fluent Korean.

Lindie Botes, a self-confessed polyglot, had been administered with anesthesia after going to the hospital for some scope to be done.

But upon waking up, she found herself speaking fluent Korean which also surprises her.

In the short clip Botes uploaded on You Tube, she spoke to a friend, asking ‘What time is it’ in Korean. She can also be heard swearing in the same language.

“I cannot explain why, but for some reason each time I wake up from anesthesia, I speak Korean until I regain my consciousness completely,” said Botes.

Botes said she has never been to Korea but admitted she has been studying Korean and Japanese languages for nine years.

Some netizens were amazed at her fluency in Korean language while others doubted it could just be another stunt.

Nevertheless, her video has gone viral in South Korea and was featured in several local television channels and online websites.

The You Tube video has been viewed more than 400,000 times in less than two weeks. Most commenters are also Korean, with some saying “This is unbelievable” and “She must have studied Korean very hard.”