Street Vendor returns wallet containing THB1.3M worth of cash and checks

No legacy is so rich as honesty.

A certain Pattaya street vendor proved such admirable quality when she chose to return a large amount of money she could have used to alleviate her status of living.

The 29-year-old chicken and noodle vendor named Sumaree Sriuam was riding her motorbike on the road near Bali Hai Pier when she found a wallet with checks and money amounting to THB1.3 million; about Php1.8M on a Sunday morning.

The wallet contained three checks worth THB400,000, cash amounting to THB29,822, and a credit card belonging to a man named Wutthikorn Hanwutthisut.

Sumaree, led by her honest and fair principles, immediately rushed to Muang Pattaya Police station to surrender the lost and found wallet.

“I just feel sorry for the owner,” Sumaree told Siamchon News as cited in a Coconuts Bangkok story. “I don’t want other people’s property, and I know they’d want it back.”

However, reports say that the owner, Wutthikorn could not personally go to the police station as he was in the hospital so he sent his sibling Thanawut to retrieve the wallet instead.

As a sign of gratitude and admiration to the honest vendor, Thanawut handed her a gratuity for returning his brother’s valuables, and the woman who accompanied him gave Sumaree a warm embrace.

As per Coconuts Bangkok, the story of Sumaree was the best thing that happened in Pattaya in decades.