The Shifter: JRU Tourism Graduate’s Inspiring Story on Shifting, Becoming Irregular Student Goes Viral

Not a lot of students take their education seriously, but there are still those who, in spite of adversities, still try to excel and become achievers.

Upon entering college, not everyone knows the career or path they want to pursue. That is why there are students who find their passion mid-way through their college career. These students decide to shift to a new course or transfer to a new college or university.

Because of this,  being a “shifter” also entails becoming an irregular student. This, most of the time, connotes that a student lags behind his/her batchmates by a few subjects — or even by years.

Well, one of these so-called shifters is Dearra Mae Tacsuan Canlas. Often times, people think differently of shifters or irregular students because they take longer years to graduate; however, this Jose Rizal University Tourism graduate debunked all the myths regarding shifters and transferees.

The Shifter

On her Facebook post, Dearra Canlas explained how she got into a different program and why students like her should not look down on irregular students, shifters and transferees. She narrated how her parents wanted her to become a dentist, and how she ended up taking Medical Technology in her first year as a stepping stone.

Throughout the years, Canlas experienced hardships in her course; saying she got pressured by the expectations to finish her Dentistry degree. She said she just went to class not to excel, but to get through the course. Midway in her life as dentistry student, she realized she was just wasting her parent’s resources over something that she wasn’t passionate about. She asked God for guidance and decided to tell her parents about her current dilemma.

Bravely, she confessed how hard it was for her to let go of her ambition to become the first dentist in the family. As she expected, her parents were disappointed but they came to accept her decision.

She ended taking up Tourism at the Jose Rizal University and from then on, she became happier with her career choice. She said she found her passion. She also noted that a lot of people have told her that her Dentistry years were put to waste, but she believes there’s nothing wrong with having a change of heart.

She ended her Facebook post with an inspiring message to students — to think about their career options and choose the one that would bring out their passion.

“No one can ever dictate your future. Have courage in taking the risks. It will make you a stronger person. Keep pursuing what you really want. Don’t waste time. Don’t lose hope. Have faith in what you can do. Strive harder for what you really want. “

She also listed all her achievements, not only as a Tourism graduate, but also as a student leader.

Truly, she is an inspiration to students out there who feel lost career-wise. It’s never too late to reach for their dreams and aim to become successful in the future.

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