This Dubai cop fines himself for hitting a parked car, gets promoted

  • A Dubai cop has earned praises for fining himself after hitting a parked vehicle
  • The story was shared by the car owner on social media and has gone viral
  • The police officer was also promoted and received a certificate of appreciation for his honesty

Police officers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are known for their strict implementations of the law and erring motorists in the country are extra cautious in messing up with them.

But this Dubai cop, Corporal Abdullah Ebrahim Mohammad, took it to the next level when he fined himself with a traffic ticket after he hit a parked vehicle, and his story has gone viral on the internet.

The incident happened last March 22, as recounted on a social media post by the vehicle owner, Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Nabeel Abdul Aziz.

“I parked my car in bad way and I thought it was my mistake, but I was shocked when I saw a traffic report of the accident on the windshield saying that a policeman hit my car and fined himself. It’s a noble and brave behaviour by Dubai Police,” the gastro-entorologist narrated on Facebook.

“This behaviour only can be seen in UAE. What he did made me feel safe and secure on this land,” the doctor added.

This Dubai cop fines himself for hitting a parked car, gets promoted
Image from O Muslim Facebook page

The post has gone viral and reached the Dubai Police.

Major General Abdullah Al Merri, commander of the Dubai Police, said it was a commendable act on the part of Corporal Mohammad who has since received a certificate of appreciation.

“The honesty of the cop has given the Dubai Police a good reputation among the public. He fined himself for hitting the parked car and put a copy of the accident report on the windshield, which surprised the owner when he came and found his car damaged,” Gulf News quoted Al Merri as saying.

The police officer, who was promoted one rank higher, said he was merely doing his duty and it was only proper that he fined himself because it was his mistake.

“I feel overwhelmed by the promotion and the nice gesture by our leaders. It will motivate me and my colleagues to serve and protect,” Corporal Mohammad said.