This guy gets dumped by GF after buying motorcycle when his car had an accident; seeks advice

A Malaysian guy is seeking advice after supposedly being dumped by his girlfriend when he decided to buy a motorcycle to replace his car which got into an accident recently.

The heartbroken man said his GF decided to break up with him following an argument on why he had to buy a scooter instead of another car which she apparently prefers.

The guy explained he is in a quite tight financial situation and needs some time to buy  brand new wheels to replace his old one. However, the girl just would not accept his justification and decided to call it quits.

Netizens are quick to react; saying he should instead change his girlfriend as, apparently, she does not love as much. Others said without a girlfriend would probably save him money, and thus buy a car quicker than he originally thought.

Here’s his full post (As translated by the World of Buzz):

Image from World Of Buzz

“Hi everyone, I need some advice. I’m at my wits end and don’t know what else I can do!  Because of this, I got into many arguments with my girlfriend. She scolded me and asked me why I bought a motorbike instead of a car. She said, a car is much better as you don’t have to at the mercy of the elements. Besides, a new motorbike is also expensive (but it definitely won’t be as expensive as a new car!)

Is it because she thinks that I wasted money buying a new motorcycle? I know I can buy a much cheaper secondhand model but I was also thinking of her benefit, I don’t want her to be uncomfortable on an old motorbike! Is this wrong?

Just a few days ago, I picked her up from work and was sending her home but unfortunately, halfway there we met with an accident! A lorry brushed against me and caused me to lose control of the motorbike, luckily I didn’t suffer any heavy injuries, just some minor cuts. After that I immediately looked for my girlfriend and fortunately she was unhurt except for some minor cuts and bruises, but I was also very distressed at her injuries.

But my motorcycle was damaged heavily and had to be written off as a total loss. I thought to myself, that’s okay, as long as my girlfriend is fine, that’s all that matters. However, today she contacted me and without any warning, she said she wanted to break up with me! I know she was in pain yesterday after the accident but it wasn’t my fault, I didn’t even speed. I kept apologizing to her, but to no avail. What should I do?”

What would be your advice to him?