Turkish airline cabin crew help deliver baby at 42,000 feet

  • A pregnant mother delivered a baby in midflight of a Turkish Airline passenger plane
  • She was assisted by the very helpful and accommodating cabin crew
  • The baby was named Kadiju and she is doing fine at a hospital in Burkina Faso with her mother

The cabin crew of Turkish passenger plane had to welcome one more passenger in mid-air, but they didn’t seem to mind. After all, the new passenger was a cute baby girl delivered by a pregnant mother onboard.

The mother, Nafi Diaby, who was 28 weeks into her pregnancy, was traveling on a Turkish Airlines flight from Conakry in Guinea to Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso when she suddenly complained of birth pains shortly after take-off.

More than 2 hours into the flight, she had to deliver her baby girl at 42,000 feet and the cabin crew were more than willing to help her.

Nafi named her baby Kadiju, and the entire crew celebrated the girl’s birth on Twitter.

“Welcome on board Princess! Applause goes to our cabin crew!” said a tweet by Turkish Airlines.

The mother and her newborn were taken to a hospital in Burkina Faso capital Ouagadougou shortly after the Boeing 737 landed. They are said to be in stable condition.

The airline also released a statement on the incident, saying: “The cabin crew noticed that a woman passenger named Nafi Diaby, who was 28 weeks into her pregnancy, was suffering childbirth pains.”

They also shared photos of the excited crew cradling Kadiju in their arms.