United Airlines Overbooking Fail: CEO Remarks Spark Fury from Netizens

United Airlines is currently getting the ire of netizens after a video of a doctor getting forcibly dragged out of the airplane at the O’Hare International Airport went viral, April 9th. The doctor was Asian in race and was randomly selected to be taken out of the plane due to the airlines’ overbooking mishap.

Passengers on the plane were shocked when suddenly some police officers took him down from his seat and dragged him along the aisle.

In the video below, people can be seen seemingly surprised and irked at the way they treated a paying customer. The passengers were appalled that they had to resort to such an act to get someone off the plane. In the clip, one woman can be heard saying: “Oh my God! What are you doing to him? This is wrong!”

According to reports from Buzzfeed, United Airlines asked for four volunteers to leave the airplane as they need to seat four of their staff inside. A couple first volunteered and got themselves $400 plus free accommodation. The stakes were increased to $800 but no one  took the offer. As per Chicago Tribune, the staff randomly selected two more guests to walk out the airplane and the doctor was one of those.

However, the doctor insisted he needs to get home as soon as possible as he has patients waiting for him Monday morning.

Since the videos went viral, United Airlines was heavily bashed in social media for their lack of compassion in handling the situation. What even made it worse is that the CEO Oscar Munoz released a statement to the employees, standing by them, as he deemed the passenger “uncooperative and disruptive” so “standard procedures” were imposed. This infuriated people even more as he refused to take a hand on the incident. Several passengers also noted there were children in the plane, who were left distraught and disappointed.

The doctor’s identity has not been revealed but more videos from the incident have been released, including one, where he went back inside the plane, with blood under his nose, disoriented and was left murmuring: “Just kill me now.”

One of the officers was reportedly suspended for abusive behavior. United Airlines, however, insists that they are just applying standard procedures and none of their staff was involved in the violent eviction of the passenger.